Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that we've been asked more than once.


I need to rehome my animal. Do you accept owner surrenders?

Yes, we do accept owner surrenders. Space is limited and a minimum of 4 weeks notice is required. You must first complete our Animal Relinquishment Application and a spot is not guaranteed. We respectfully request that you complete the necessary form before reaching out. This helps us streamline the process and avoid confusion.


What is your Seniors for Seniors program and how can I participate?

Seniors for Seniors is a program that we started in August of 2019. The goal is to get more of our precious senior pups into the arms of our doting senior citizens. Each animal will be spayed/neutered (where applicable), microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines at a minimum.

Seniors over the age of 65 may adopt a dog over the age of 8 for a flat $65.00 adoption fee.

Seniors for Seniors cannot be combined with our Pets for Vets discount.


What is your Pets for Vets program and how can I participate?

Pets for Vets is a simple discount program that we started in November of 2019. Veterans of any branch of the United States Armed Forces can receive a 10% discount on their adoption fees. To receive your discount, please check that you are a veteran on your adoption application.

Pets for Vets cannot be combined with Seniors for Seniors and is also not applicable to feline adoptions from PetSmart.


I'm interested in adopting a cat or kitten from you. How come I don't see any on your website?

Currently, the majority of our cats and kittens live at PetSmart. Because they are usually adopted fairly quickly from these locations, they usually do not get posted on our website. Information about a particular feline can be found on kennel cards at the store or by asking a PetSmart employee or manager.


I want to see some of your animals. Can I just stop by?

Unfortunately, no. We do our best to make ourselves available for meet & greet's and events, however, Sadie's Safe House is a rescue run out of our personal home. In addition, we work normal jobs during the day. For the safety and well-being of ourselves and our animals, we do not allow the public to come and go.


I want to make a donation. Can I deduct it on my taxes?

Yes! Sadie's Safe House is classified as a Public Charity by the IRS under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Those who donate funds directly to us will need to ensure we have either an email address or mailing address for a donation receipt. Those who donate items will receive a donation receipt at time of pick up unless you request otherwise.

NOTE: Those who donate via fundraisers on Facebook, PayPal Giving Fund, Network for Good, etc. will receive an email donation receipt directly from the source. Please remember to save it for your tax write off.


I want to volunteer. How do I go about doing that?

At this time, our main volunteer opportunities are at adoption events. Each of the pups will need to be taken out to go potty, have their bedding changed, get fresh water, etc. We also always need help setting up and tearing down.

Our dogs also like to go out on adventures. If you'd like to help socialize one of our pups by taking them out on a day trip to the beach or hiking, I'm sure they'd love it (advance notice required)!


Do you only take in Chihuahua's?

While the majority of the animals in rescue are Chihuahua's, we frequently have other breeds and occasionally kittens.

NOTE: We do not accept stray animals of any kind. We appreciate good citizens trying to do what they feel is right but the proper channels need to be followed. The animal must first go to  animal control in the county in which it was found to allow the owner/s a fair chance at finding their pet.


I'm interested in adoption. What is your adoption process?

We will always ask your to complete an application first. Not every pet is right for every family so completing an application can help us tell if you might be a good candidate. Next, we require a meet & greet with everyone else in the family (including other dogs and/or cats) and a home check.

If all goes well, you will be allowed to adopt!