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Sadie's Safe House is a Brand Ambassador for Max & Neo Dog Gear.

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Sadie's Safe House is a Affiliate. First time customer's using our link (click the icon to the left) will earn us up to $15.00!


Sadie's Safe House has been partnered with PetSmart Charities since 2019 and has received over $2,000 worth of monetary grants and item donations!


"We want to save as many “last chance” adoptable animals as humanly possible from overcrowded shelters, restore them to health, and find them loving forever homes."


"Puplandia Dog Rescue is a volunteer driven Oregon nonprofit organized and operated to facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs while forming partnerships with other local rescues, shelters, veterinarians and businesses."


"Foster Paws of Fresno was created on April 18th, 2018. Our goal is to provide short-term housing to shelter animals waiting to be transported to their furever rescue."


"Multnomah County Animal Services is the county’s sole public animal shelter and control agency. The mission of MCAS is to protect the health, safety and welfare of people and pets throughout Multnomah County."


"We are committed to leading and serving our community of animals and people by providing programs and services which serve all the stages of an animal’s life.  These programs include Adoptions, Rescue, Foster Care, Owner Surrenders, Outreach, Humane Education, Veterinary Services, Spay/Neuter programs, and Pet Services."


"Promoting an environment of responsible pet ownership through progressive animal welfare initiatives, community outreach, and humane education in a culture of compassion, creativity, and integrity."


"We provide dog sheltering, stray care, adoptions, and lost and found services. We reunite owners with lost dogs and match adoptable dogs with good homes."


Sadie's Safe House is a Community Rewards Partner with Fred Meyer. Each quarter, Fred Meyer makes a total of $500,000 in donations to 501c3 non-profits across the Northwest. Add Sadie's Safe House as your Community Rewards Partner for us to get a portion of that donation.




Sadie's Safe House has our very own Scentsy page with 100% of commissions going back to the Safe House residents.



"Lancaster Four Dog Rescue is a Greater Portland/Vancouver area rescue organization. We are comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers that strives to help all animals in need."


"Elder Paws is dedicated to reducing the number of senior dogs entering the overcrowded kill shelters where they often do not make it out alive. All donations are tax deductible. Elder Paws believes that all dogs have value, regardless of age, health, or owner’s financial status."


"If we can’t find a home for a cat or dog, we work very closely with a network of shelters and rescue groups in Oregon and southwest Washington that may be able to help. We have many placement partners that work with us to rehabilitate and find homes for dogs and cats."


"Fresno’s homeless pet population has reached critical levels and the Valley’s public shelters are tragically overcrowded. Fresno Humane Animal Services is committed to playing a key role in the safety net for homeless animals by coordinating with reputable 501(c)3 animal rescues across the state and beyond."


"We receive pets from people who can no longer care for them, and pets that are no longer wanted. We receive many perfectly healthy dogs and cats that just need a new home. We believe it is not the animal’s fault for being at the shelter. We want every healthy, treatable and manageable animal to get a second chance at love."


At Sadie's Safe House, we love the PAWS program at Westview High School in Portland, Oregon! PAWS is an after-school club for students to raise money for local Rescue's and educate students and the general public about animal welfare!


Sadie's Safe House is set up with Benevity Causes for corporate giving. If you work for Nike, JetBlue, Google, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Honda or hundreds of other companies, you may be eligible for donation matching!